What is VIPER®?

The National VIPER® Bureau is a service developed, owned and managed by West Yorkshire Office of the Police and Crime Commisioner which is utilised by the UK police to produce video identification (ID) parades. There are over 20 police forces in the UK which rely on the National VIPER® Bureau to produce their video ID parades. The system has been in use since 1997 and has been successfully and routinely presented at court for many years.

The aim of VIPER® is to provide an effective method of editing high volumes of video ID parades whilst adhering to current legislation and promoting fairness and practicality. The system boasts a number of features that increase the speed and reduce the cost of the identification process. The National VIPER® Bureau produces approximately 20,000 video ID parades per year for this purpose.

The video ID parades which are shown to witnesses replace the old fashioned line-ups of suspects. This method allows the witnesses to identify a suspect without the need to confront them face to face. The video ID parade is played onto a television which can be located in a police station or even at their home on a laptop to promote witness care.

The service has a number of advantages which assist forces in conducting video ID parades quickly and effectively.