What is VIPER®?

The National VIPER® Bureau is a bespoke video identification service owned and managed by West Yorkshire Police which provides a range of identification related products and services to the police.
The VIPER® (Video Identification Parades Electronic Recording) system, originally developed by West Yorkshire Police provides Video Identification P arades as part of a fully managed and secure identification parade service. Customers include Forces within England and Wales together with the Police Service of Northern Ireland and Police Scotland. Additional sites are operated by the Royal Military Police in Europe.

  • The service has been highly successful producing upwards of 20,000 identification parades a year, using specialist editing techniques and processes.
  • The service employs a dedicated team to record images of volunteers for use in parades.
  • The images stored within the gallery reflect the diverse range of appearances found within the UK.

VIPER® is committed to protecting the rights and privacy of individuals in accordance with The Data Protection Act 2018 & GDPR

Every crime has a victim and every victim needs our help

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