How VIPER® helps the Police produce video ID parades.

The National VIPER® Bureau Managed Service allows forces to concentrate their own resources on the investigation of crime and the handling of suspects and witnesses by taking care of all of the other processes required to prepare a video ID parade.

A VIPER® ID parade can be planned, conducted and viewed by a witness in a very short space of time if required. Where required the whole process can be completed in less than 2 hours including recording the suspect, preparing the parade and allowing it to be viewed by a witness. Within this period of time the processes undertaken by VIPER® can take as little as 10 minutes but these are conducted in parallel to the work at the remote force so again the turnaround is handled very effectively.

The VIPER® process itself is very simple once a decision to conduct a parade is made by a force. The involvement of the user is limited to simple on screen prompts for information and the recording of the suspect clip. Each VIPER® user is trained with regard to how to carry out these simple procedures. In addition, each clip is also quality assured by the VIPER® team to assist users in meeting the relevant standards.