I'm a witness - what should I expect?

Procedures will vary from force to force, but the following is an example of what to expect at a witness viewing procedure.

A Police Officer or a member of the identification unit will contact you to arrange a suitable time and day for you to view the video identification parade. If you have difficulties with transport or child care issues then these can be discussed and any necessary arrangements made. Confirmation of the appointment will be sent to you.

If your viewing is taking place at a Police Station, you will be met at reception and taken to the dedicated viewing room. A person from the Identification Unit will explain the procedure about to take place and inform you that you will be required to watch a film of a video identification parade. The film lasts approximately 3 minutes and must be viewed at least twice.

On the parade will be a number of moving video clips and one of these images will be of the person the Police believe committed an offence. However, it is possible that the person you saw committing the crime may not be on the identification parade.

The person conducting the viewing will begin by formally telling you about the video identification procedure and then they will ask you to confirm who you are.


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