Witness advice FAQs

Q. Will I have to see the suspect?

A. No. By viewing a video identification parade you will not have to see the suspect in person. You will watch a video identification parade on a screen where you may see a video recording of the person you saw committing a crime.

Q. Do I have to attend a Police Station to view the identification parade?

A. A video identification parade can be viewed at many locations using a laptop computer. If a witness is elderly or infirm then the viewing may often take place at someone’s home or even in a hospital.

Q. I am worried about the identification procedure and feel nervous about it. Can I bring someone with me?

A. It is possible for you to bring someone along to support you. However the person who attends with you will not be able to watch the parade and may not be allowed in the viewing room throughout the procedure. This should be discussed further with someone from the identification unit.


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